Creative desserts, with a lot of technique and inspired, in many cases, by the personal experiences of the pastry chefs themselves, have been the protagonist of the second edition of this contest sponsored by Lactalis Food Service Iberia.  

January 30, 2019

Artisanal patisserie and ice cream are back on the stage of Sala Polivalente in #REALEMF with the creations of young Spanish pastry chefs taking part in the second edition of the contest “Comparte tu talento” (Share your talent). An edition in which Adrián Morcillo, from Castellón de la Plana, has won the first prize with a creation called “Estiu”. With this dessert, Morcillo wanted to “recall the memories of every summer of my childhood through fresh, light, sour flavours, with very little grease and sugars”.

All the members of the jury have placed their bet on that summer turned into a dessert. They have also agreed on who should be the second place: Daniel Díez, from Madrid, who has managed to take them to the Tropic, in the words of the president of the jury, the master chocolatier David Pallàs. Díez has elaborated a dessert with his favourite flavours: tropical, refreshing and with a sour touch.

The third winner was the Italian Giacomo Pischuitti, student of the School of Pastry Arts in Alicante. For his creation “Echoes of home”, Pischuitti was inspired by his homeland, the Italian region of Friuli, and more specifically by a dessert typical of this area called Dolce Friuli, made with rye bread, grappa, and honey. To the version he presented for the contest, Giacomo Pischiutti wanted to incorporate elderberry as main flavour, to contribute a hint of wild berries and figs.

The jury, formed by well-known names of the world of patisserie and gastronomy, have appreciated the flavour, aesthetic quality, originality and technical level of the elaborations. The winners take home a cash prize of 3000€, 2000€ and 1000€, according to their position in the podium. Also, the Patisserie/Hospitality Schools of the three winners will receive a prize equal to that of their students, to be invested in the development of their installations and equipement.