The traditional Truffle Auction, held as part of the #REALEMF19 congress, featured two impressive truffles from Soria, weighing 450gr and 250gr, which were acquired for €5,100 and €4,000 respectively.  

January 29, 2019

Like every year, the second day of Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2019 saw the holding of the Truffle Auction. This is one of the most enjoyable and treasured events to take place every year at the Madrid International Gastronomy Congress, which this year is celebrating its seventeenth edition. The auction is sponsored by the Provincial Council of Soria and its proceeds go to the Luis Guanella Foundation, which uses the funds obtained to assist with the labour integration of women at risk of social exclusion.

On this occasion, two specimens of black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) with approximate weights of 450gr and 250gr were offered at auction. The quality of the Sorian truffle sparked a lively bidding war among the attendees and the largest of them went for €5,100. The lucky chef who acquired it is a stalwart of the Truffle Auction: Andrea Tumbarello, from the restaurant Don Giovanni (Madrid). Tumbarello believes that “Soria is the temple of the truffle” so it is well worth bidding in the auction “and even more so if it also contributes to a good cause”.

This year Tumbarello, who always takes part in the Truffle Auction, came up against some tough competitors in the Riojan chefs. La Rioja looked to have a strong presence at this auction with a group of chefs from the region who acquired the 250gr truffle for €4,000. Francis Paniego (Echaurren), Fernando Saz (Heladería Della Sera), Lorenzo Cañas (La Merced), Ignacio Echapresto (Venta Moncalvillo), Iñaki Murúa and Carolina Sánchez (Ícaro) wanted to “close the circle of charity” and buy this truffle to be served at a dinner, also for charity, which they plan to hold in the capital of La Rioja in aid of the soup kitchen Cocina Económica de Logroño.