The recipes made by the six finalists, who came from all over Spain, with Manchego cheese by La Casota, were judged at the third edition of the Competition for Recipes with Cheese in the framework of #REALEMF19.  

January 30, 2019

The winner of this fourth edition of the Recipes with Cheese Competition sponsored by Quesos La Casota was Raúl Abascal, from Los Brezos, in San Mamés de Meruelo (Cantabria), who competed in the tight final round with another five candidates, with his “Orange made of La Casota cream cheese”.

Abascal said his aim was to “involve as many senses as possible – smell, sight and, obviously, taste – playing with them but bearing in mind that the focus needs to be on the cheese”. The chef from Cantabria carefully staged his participation, with liquid nitrogen strongly flavoured with orange.

The jury, chaired by chef Pedro Subijana, and made up of several personalities from the world of gastronomy such as Mario Sandoval, considered the technique used in the preparation of the dishes, in which the participants were required to include La Casota cream cheese.

This competition, sponsored by La Casota, aims to make known the many culinary applications of the creamed version of one of Spain’s best-known cheeses, Manchego. According to Francisco Martínez Arroyo, Councillor for Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Development of the Government of Castile-La Mancha, who was present at the award ceremony, “this cheese is greatly appreciatd the world over because of the high quality of the Manchego milk”. The award signifies professional recognition for the winner, as well as a cheque for 2,000€.