Marc Martí, baker at the Triticum bakery (Barcelona), has won the First Edition of the Carrasco Bread Challenge thanks to his original proposal inspired by a traditional Catalan baker’s “coca”.

January 29, 2019

The bread elaborated by Martí is, in the words of its maker, “a bread that tries to underscore textures, sweet inside and with a thin crust, very airy”. To boost the flavour of iberian ham, the artisan from Triticum has painted the “coca” with ham grease after baking it.

With his creation Marc Martí has beaten the other six participating proposals, as he managed to blend better, according to the jury, the qualities bread must have in order to be served with ham of Carrasco brand, which are defined by particular nuances such as a pasture aroma, a greasy texture that slowly melts in the palate – result of an acorn-based diet – a low amount of salt, or its characteristic sweet hint.

The members of the jury, presided over by Francisco Carrasco – comercial director of the prestigious brand Carrasco Ibéricos, from Salamanca – , have agreed on what are some of the virtues a bread must have in order to be the ideal companion for a good iberian ham: a crunchy crust and spongy inside that absobs the ham’s grease. They have also assessed that the bread is not too sour, and that it has texture and is able to accompany ham without masking its nuances.

Atanasio Carrasco, general director of Carrasco Ibéricos, has valued very positively the celebration of this first edition of the contest Iberian Bread Carrasco Challenge, since there have been many the bakers from different parts of Spain who have presented original proposals and also very connected to their regions of origin. Proof of this have been the presentations of the finalists present today in #REALEMF19 which have ranged from the traditional “regañás” from the south, to the traditional “pistola” from Madrid, to the winning baker’s “coca” from Catalonia.