November 13, 2018

At Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2019 the evolution continues. Cooks are seeking alternative paths in other settings. A constantly changing world.



ElBulli returns

Ferran Adrià returns to the stage at Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión to reveal the details about elBulli1846, his definitive project at Cala Montjoi

Eight years after announcing that he was closing elBulli, Ferran Adrià now returns to the same stage at Madrid Fusión for the first ever presentation of elBulli1846, his new venture at Cala Montjoi. Ferran, who has been absent from all culinary conferences since then, will return to this event in Madrid to describe in detail the initial direction that his latest project in Roses will take. His presentation is called ‘elBulli 1846: The First Competition to Choose a Creative Team’. The buzz that has been in the air since our most universal cook decided to close and change elBulli’s philosophy will come to an end when its main protagonist will appear on stage, live.

Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2019 is all about ‘Redeveloping Cooking: Changing the Rules’ and will reveal the work and philosophy of over one hundred cooks, present more than 60 technical demonstrations, offer 21 training workshops, and hold 15 competitions, auctions and awards ceremonies, among them the 17th Edition of the Upcoming Chef Award, and the 2nd Edition of the Upcoming Pastry-Chef Award.

Haute cuisine the world over continues to transform and evolve.
Technique and creativity are still decisive factors but are subjected to constant questioning and revision. The main rules and languages ​​of this movement, which is already truly global, will be present at Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión. Outstanding among them is a look back at history for inspiration, rediscovery and for creating contemporary culinary dishes (Andreu Genestra & Tomeu Arbona will present ‘The Jewish Imprint On Mallorcan Cuisine’, and Vicky Hayward & Kiko Moya will present ‘The Modernity of the Monastery Cuisine of Juan Altimiras’); a modern makeover is given to traditional sauces (JuanLU Fernández, from the restaurant LÚ, cocina y alma, will present ‘The Andalusian Accent of French Sauces’); Haute Vegan Cuisine and Healthy Cooking.

When it comes to culinary technique, the trends in combined cooking techniques will be revealed at talks such as that given by Joan Roca (‘Beyond Cooking Sous-vide’); Emmanuelle Baron & Alberto Ferruz (‘Natural Gelatines and Sea-Based Collagens’); Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch & Mateu Casañas (‘Natural and Concocted Textures’); the always eagerly awaited, surprising and transformational presentation given by Ángel León (‘Forget Everything you Know about Salt’); and the presentation given by Mario Sandoval (‘Fermenting Foods’).

An in-depth look at the principles of what has been called ‘produce cooking’ will be explained by Kristian Baumann; Ricard Camarena (‘When Cooks Listen to the Produce’); Macarena de Castro (‘Unusual Land-Sea Duos’); Katina & Kyle Connaughton, from Single Thread Farm in San Francisco (‘The Heartbeat of Nature’); Ana Ros from the restaurant Hisa Franko, Slovenia (‘A Table in the Countryside’); Nicolai Norregaard from the restaurant Kadeau in Copenhagen (‘The Green World of the Island of Bornholm’); and Eneko Atxa & Xabi Uribe-Etxebarría from the restaurant Azurmendi (‘The Best Farmers: The Network of the Best Producers and Growers’).

Haute cuisine is meaningless if sensitivity and beauty are not sought. This time round, it is culinary legends such as Quique Dacosta (‘The Taste of Beauty’), and the young Richie Lin, from the restaurant Mume in Taipei (‘Asian Beauty and Balance’) who will disclose their concerns and latest ideas.

Technological advances at the service of gastronomy, with a particular focus on the topics of creativity and artificial intelligence, as well as the digitization of restaurants, will be highlighted over the three days of the congress, as will suggestions for ‘perfect restaurant management’.

Sustainability and commitment to the environment will be hugely present at the congress: three days, three causes, and a transversal project will each be devoted a day at the congress. The rejection of waste, neutral carbon footprints, and tides of plastic will be addressed, respectively. This important topic will also take centre stage during talks by Anthony Myint, from the restaurant The Perennial, in San Francisco, & Enrique Olvera from the restaurant Pujol in Mexico, with ‘ZeroFoodprint: No to Leaving a Carbon Footprint’, as well as by Juan Parés from Textiles Santanderina,‘No to Tides of Plastic’.


A discussion about creativity

As part of the activities of Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión, and in addition to the above-mentioned talks, other types of events will be held to encourage discussion, participation and interaction among the attendees. One of them will be a live, top-level discussion with three leviathans of creative Spanish cuisine. Albert Adrià, Andoni Aduriz and Dabiz Muñoz will exchange views and opinions on one of the most important and controversial topics that is part of the haute cuisine environment.


Invited cities 

Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión will highlight three invited cities that have become gastronomic benchmarks on a global level thanks to their range of restaurants and the culinary influence they have had on their respective societies: Copenhagen and San Francisco, both well-established cities, and Budapest that is on the path of progression.




Andoni Aduriz: Restaurant Mugaritz, Esteeming the Ephemeral

Albert Adrià, Andoni Aduriz & Dabiz Muñoz: A Discussion on Cooking and Creativity

Elena Arzak: Restaurant Arzak, Cuisine and Eloquence

Eneko Atxa & Xabi Uribe-Etxebarría: Restaurant Azurmendi, The Best Farmers: The Network of the Best Producers and Growers

Emmanuelle Baron & Alberto Ferruz: Restaurant BonAmb, Natural Gelatines and Sea-Based Collagens

Jordi Butrón: Escuela Espai Sucre, From Savoury to Sweet Via Vegetables

Riccardo Camanini: Restaurant Lido 84, Italia, Pastasciutta: Avant-garde and Senstivity

Ricard Camarena: Restaurant Ricard Camarena, When Cooks Listen to the Produce

Dani Carnero & Rafa Peña: Restaurants La Cosmopolita and Gresca Bar, Gastronomic Dining at the Bar

Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch & Mateu Casañas: Restaurant Disfrutar, Barcelona: Natural and Concocted Textures

Dominique Crenn & Juan Contreras: Atelier Crenn, San Francisco, The Sweet World of Atelier Crenn.

Macarena de Castro: Restaurant Maca de Castro, Unusual Land-Sea Duos

Katina & Kyle Connaughton: Restaurant Single Thread Farm, San Francisco, The Heartbeat of Nature

Miguel Ángel de la Cruz: Restaurant La Botica de Matapozuelos, The Versatility of Lamb

JuanLU Fernández: Restaurant LÚ, Cocina y Alma, The Andalusian Accent of French Sauces

Quique Dacosta: Restaurant Quique Dacosta, The Taste of Beauty

Juanlu Fernández, Marcos Nieto & Pedro Giménez: Restaurants Cañabota and Tribeca, Using Every Part of a Fish

Arminda García & Victor Bossecker: Finca de Uga, Sabor de Lanzarote: The Hidden Treasue of Lanzarote

Andreu Genestra & Tomeu Arbona: Restaurant Andreu Genestra and Bakery Fornet de la Soca, The Jewish Imprint on Mallorcan Cuisine

Árpad Gyórffy: Restaurant Brasserie Kollázs (Budapest), Foie Gras: Tradition and Evolution

Vicky Hayward (historian) & Kiko Moya: Restaurant l’Escaleta, The Modernity of the Monastery Cuisine of Juan De Altimiras

Najat Kaanache: Restaurant Nur, Fez (Morrocco), The Colours of Today’s New Moroccan Cuisine

Ángel León: Restaurant Aponiente, Forget Everything you Know about Salt

Richie Lin: Restaurant Mume (Taipéi), Asian Beauty and Balance

Anthony Myint (restaurant The Perennial, San Francisco) and Enrique Olvera (Pujol, Mexico), ZeroFoodprint: No to Leaving a Carbon Footprint

Lourdes Muñoz & Dani García: Restaurant Dani García, Catering, No Limits, No Distances

Nicolai Norregaard: Restaurant Kadeau, Copenhagen, The Green World of the Island of Bornholm

Juan Parés: Textiles Santanderina, No to Tides of Plastic

René Redzepi: Restaurant Noma, Copenhagen, Cooking at Nature’s Pace

Joan Roca: Restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, Beyond Cooking Sous-Vide

Josep Roca: Restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, Front-of-House: Intelligence and Sensitivity

Ana Ros: Restaurant Hisa Franko, Slovenia, A Table in the Countryside

Mario Sandoval: Restaurant Coque, Fermenting Foods


Herbs and Brine, Natural Flavour Enhancers. Sergio Bastard (La Casona del Judío)

New Uses for Pulses: Sauces, Thickeners and Vinegars. Miguel Ángel de la Cruz (La Botica de Matapozuelos)

Health and High Praise for Plant-Based Dishes: Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic. Lourdes Villalba (R+D), Juan Manuel Mostazo (Head Chef) & Fernando Sánchez (Gastronomy and Nutrition)

Gluten-Free Haute Cuisine. Rodrigo de la Calle (El Invernadero)

Cooking with Truffles: The Real Thing and the Fakes. Carmelo Bosque (Lillas Pastia) &Javier Acedo (Trufas Alonso)

Light and Healthy Restaurant Desserts. Ricard Camarena (Ricard Camarena)

Coffee Specialties. Ricardo Oteros (Supracafé) & Santiago Rigoni (Toma Café)

The World in a Tin. Nino Redruello (Fismuler)

Desserts: From the Display Case to the Gastronomic. Martin Ducout (Le Cordon Bleu, Madrid)

Other Techniques for Preparing Seafood. Mari Carmen Vélez (La Sirena) 

Cooking with Spices. Pedro Sánchez (Bagá) & Marcos Reguera (Maestro Picolier)

Red Meat: Cuts and Roasts. Iñaki Gorrotxategui (Casa Julián de Tolosa)

Must-Make Classics: Lièvre à la Royale. Yann Barraud (Le Cordon Bleu Madrid)

Coca Flatbreads to Suit Every Chef. Pep Romany (Pont Sec), Daniel Ramos (La Cremita) & JuanLU Fernández (LÚ cocina y alma)

River Cuisine. Begoña Rodrigo (La Salita)

Techniques for Handling Fish. Isaac Loya (Real Balneario de Salinas)

No Limits on Offal. Javi Estévez (La Tasquería)

Weeds. Yolanda García (Alejandro)


Big Data: The Way Restaurants Do Business Today. Jesús Pombo Lanza (Poncelet Cheese Bar)

The Bill, Please. David Rubert (Project and Foundation Manager)



IX ‘Cheese Bites’ Competition

VI Signature Sandwich Competition

III Milksology Competition

I Cooking with Lamb Competition

II Negrini Tapas Competition with Italian ingredients

XV National Tapas Competition

III National Beer-Pulling Competition

Aula Makro-Choose your sous-chef

I Carrasco Bread Challenge

II Share your Talent Competition

IV Recipes with Cheese Competition

V International Joselito Championship for the Best Ham Croquette in the World



Enofusión. The wine island will once again be the setting where wine will take centre stage together with gastronomy, offering tastings of renowned wines, information on wineries, denominations of origin and brands in the sector (for further information, please visit www.enofusion.com)

The Drinks Show. Cutting-edge liquids for the senses. An unmissable event on mixology, top-quality spirits and mixers (for further information, please visit www.thedrinks.show)


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 Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2019 is delighted to announce that, by courtesy of Ferran Adrià, 2 entries will be raffled from among the 100 first attendees to register for the congress: the prize is a week (5 days) at the Sapiens/Bullipedia workshop in Barcelona


The City Council of Madrid, via the municipal company Madrid Destino, sponsors Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión for its promotion of the gastronomy of Madrid and the capital as a destination for tourists.