The chef from Biskay received today the Chef of the Year Award 2019 from the hands of Santiago Alfonso, from Consentino Group, during the second day of the 17th Edition of the International Gastronomy Congress Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2019

January 29, 2019

The President of #REALEMF19, Jose Carlos Capel, has invited to the stage Santiago Alfonso, Vicepresident of Communication and Marketing of the Consentino Group, so that he could deliver the Chef of the Year Award 2019 to Eneko Atxa.

The award ceremony has taken place during the second day of the 17th edition of the International Gastronomy Congress Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2019, in the Municipal Palace of Congresses of Madrid.

“For the work that you have done in your restaurant to raise awareness, for the balance between all the people around you, and for the latest platform you have presented, which connects the best crafters around the world with haute cuisine, in order for it to be a movement that can trascend and reach the consumer. Your merit is worthy of the Madrid Fusión award, for what we feel very proud”, stated Jose Carlos Capel.

On his part, the chef of the Azurmendi restaurant stated: “I feel like I’m already receiving an award when I come to events like Madrid Fusión, most of all when you stop me in the hallway and make me feel so loved, and you tell me that you like what we’re doing. I would like that that platform we launched yesterday also served another purpose: that when those small producers come here and you see them, you make them feel as loved. I’m grateful to Madrid Fusión because I came here when nobody knew me, in 2007, and to me it’s beautiful to be here again, receiving this award, which for me has such a special meaning. We strongly believe in what we’re doing, hoping that it’ll be a tool for other people to feel valued, and feel their job is understood”.

The award is sponsored by Dekton, by Consentino, a company that has been actively supporting  this culinary event already for twelve editions and which presence is highlighted with the deliverance of this award of international importance.

With this award, the organisation of #REALEMF19 wants to underscore the chef’s creative, restless and sensitive cuisine, as well as his commitment, shown leading  Azurmendi, to integrate elements of his unique environment – nature, produce, people, knowledge – into a particular and unceasing quest for excellence.

This award also acknowledges his joint effort with Xabi Uribe-Etxebarría, founder of Sherpa (leader company in artificial intelligence), in the creation and promotion of the new platform they presented yesterday, which makes it possible to trace the best food providers on the planet.



a (empresa líder en Inteligencia artificial), en la creación y promoción de  la novedosa plataforma  que presentaron ayer y que es capaz de rastrear los mejores proveedores de alimentos del Planeta.