November 16, 2018

Enofusión, – with a new look – presents its 9th edition at Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión. The first oenological event of the year has revamped its different sections to offer more space for understanding the world of wine, looking at the innovation within it, as well as the latest trends. An avant-garde space that is more dynamic and rewarding, where wine and professionals in the gastronomy sector can come together. And behind it is one goal: to give wine centre stage within the sphere of gastronomy.

Thus, two exhibition rooms – Londres and Roma – have been redesigned to accommodate the new display areas. Roma will be home to this year’s two new great events: The event TopWineSpain will be held there during the first two days of Enofusión; a space curated by Carlos Delgado, journalist and wine critic for the newspaper El País, and where the widest range of representatives of Spain’s best red and white wines will come together. Extraordinary wines made by the most prestigious wineries in our country, chosen because of the superior quality of their wines and their international renown.

On the third, and last, day of Enofusión, this room will be transformed into Foro Enovisión and will become a discussion space. Called ‘Vinomanía, testing wines for the restaurant industry’, this first edition will involve professionals in the sector who will talk about success stories and new business models to make wine a protagonist within the gastronomic context.

In addition, this year, the Londres room will also be home to specialized content in a space called #Enotendencias where the most popular innovations and trends in the world of wine will be showcased in a themed way. This exhibition space, open over the three days of the event, will have sections devoted to new wines, regions and varietals to be rediscovered, wines designed menus offering wines by the glass, as well as wines whose credo is the ‘slow’ movement, among others.

Finally, the wine-tasting space will have the same lively spirit, be in the same place, and work in the same way as in the past as the versatility of this format allows it to evolve year on year. Similarly, in 2019, Enofusión’s Wine-Tasting Room will once again offer the key aspects of today’s oenological world: new wines, culinary harmonies, and oenological gems.


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