The 5th International Joselito Championship for the Best Ham Croquette in the World took place today at #REALEMF with the participation of six chefs who submitted their croquettes to an outstanding jury.    

January 30, 2019

The Joselito International Competition for the Best Croquette in the World, haute cuisine in a mouthful, is an opportunity for displaying mastery in this speciality which is open to amateurs, chefs and catering professionals. An opportunity like no other to show that the best croquettes are not always those made by our mother.

On this occasion, the winner was the croquette presented by chef Javier Ugidos from the restaurant Tobiko (Toledo). In his own words, his croquette was made “from the heart, with the utmost care and affection, but in line with the traditional recipe and from top-quality ingredients”. Ugidos, the name of whose restaurant, Tobiko, is oriental, chose to add an oriental touch to his croquettes by using panko instead of breadcrumbs to give them added crispness (an option that is increasingly being used by Spanish chefs).

The jury, comprising prestigious professionals from the world of gastronomy, had to choose from six wonderful ham croquettes – popular haute cuisine at its purest – presented by the six finalists. The deliberation took place after two blind tasing sessions in which the jurors focused, first, on the béchamel and, then, on the croquette itself.  Among the aspects taken into account by the jury in their verdict were crispness and the smoothness of the bechamel.

The prize won by Javier Ugidos, in this fifth edition of the championship sponsored by Joselito, was an exclusive Vintage Joselito ham.