This is the first edition of a competition which, promoted by Interovic, was created with the aim of highlighting the gastronomic potential of suckling lamb, lamb and kid. Gastronomic advisor Juan Ramón Sau Ceitegui, from Zaragoza, is the first winner.  

January 28, 2019

Monday at Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2019 saw the Interprofessional Organisation of Ovine and Caprine Meat, Interovic, promote the first Sustainable and Organic Suckling Lamb, Lamb and Kid Competition. After two hours of cooking and presenting, the jury announced gastronomic advisor Juan Ramón Sau Ceitegui, from Zaragoza, the winner.

Sau was also joined by Fran Trigo Cordón (Río Grande, Seville), Rubén Solla (Finca La Realeza, León), Eduardo Comín (Escuela de Hostelería Topi, Zaragoza), David Izquierdo Calvo (El 51 del Sol, Aranda de Duero, Burgos) and Carlos Alcalá Lara (Étimo by Begoña Fraire, Madrid) to make up the six finalists, who were asked to make two versions of their recipe for a jury made up of Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, Beatriz Casares and Pilar Salas.

After cooking, the participants had to explain their recipe – the cut, the garnish – while the jury deliberated. Sau’s lamb neck fillets with saffron and chlorophyll ultimately won over the judges through its “creativity and flavour”, and thus its creator was announced winner of the competition.

This event is aimed at professionals and was conceived primarily to promote knowledge between industry professionals and the gastronomic potential of suckling lamb, lamb and kid, as well as their proven characteristics as the most sustainable organic meat.

The prize for the winner will entail a unique tour through the shepherds’ herding route, not to mention a day in the kitchen and company of Miguel Ángel de la Cruz.