HAUTE CUISINE ADVANCES TOWARDS THE FUTURE. Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión explores the future of haute cuisine as it reaches its legal age: from the difficult search for what is essential to artificial intelligence as a culinary tool

November 27, 2019

Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2020 explores the latest changes in trends. Essential cuisine, pure and devoid of superfluous ingredients, is fast becoming a big thing among a number of the best cooks in the world. Alongside this deliberate simplicity, artificial intelligence – a new tool for creativity – is also an unstoppable force when it comes to harmonising ingredients and restaurant management. AI is a topic of conversation that will be discussed in depth at the congress. These are two of the pillars, among many others, to make up our ‘coming-of-age’ programme – the 18th edition of Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión, a truly memorable event.

Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión has finalised the programme with which it will celebrate its coming of age on the 13, 14 and 15 January 2020. This eighteenth edition will be imbued by cooking that is thoughtful and pure and entitled: Essential Cuisine: Conscious Simplicity.

It will explore the trend of the apparent simplicity of dishes that hide many hours of much hard work in the kitchen. The most basic things are often the hardest to achieve, the most difficult. Superior, artisanal foods, dishes that are wonderfully unfussy yet elegant and vibrant; a far cry from complex dishes that call for a multitude of ingredients and sophisticated presentations. These creations – made with only a few elements – involve much thought and are so pure that they thrill will be brought to the main stage by chefs such as, Koji Kimura (Sushi Kimura, Tokyo), Isabella Potí & Floriano Pellegrino (Ristorante Bros’, Lecce), Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky (Twins Garden, Moscow), Ángel León (Aponiente), Niko Romito (Reale), Andoni Aduriz (Mugaritz), Josean Alija (Nerua Guggenheim), Albert Adrià (Enigma) and Pedro Sánchez (Bagá).

Consolidated thanks to its 18 editions as the most important haute-cuisine congress in the world for its contribution to the creation of a global gastronomy scene, to the discovery of new chefs, and for spotting and promoting trends and avant-garde ideas, this special coming-of-age edition of Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión has more content, not to mention a larger exhibition area of over 16,000 m2 to meet the huge demand for space that each year brings. Due to this, the next edition will move to IFEMA, to the two floors of Pavilion 14 of Madrid’s exhibition centre.

This less-is-more cuisine will not be the only topic approached at this edition. Artificial intelligence will be another of the focal points around which this eighteenth edition of Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión will revolve. Two of the world’s tech giants will bring the future to the present: Sony and IBM have already made moves into the gastronomy sector but will now make their world debut into haute cuisine on the main stage together with companies like Siro Foods. Alongside these companies will be chefs such as Dabiz Muñoz (DiverXo), and one of the most renowned pioneering researchers on pairing food and wine, the Canadian François Chartier, ‘the number one expert on flavours’ according to Ferran Adrià.

Today’s new systems of cognitive intelligence make it possible to bring together the world’s entire pantry – gathered thanks to information on thousands of ingredients from the five continents – to create unique dishes tailored to customers. The future lies in finding the best combinations of ingredients to create perfect dishes. Japanese engineers from Sony’s headquarters in Tokyo will, hand in hand with several chefs, share this incredible experience at Reale Seguros Madrid Fusion 2020 with congress-goers.

The extensive menu of this eighteenth edition also includes the relationship between neuromarketing and haute cuisine, the technique of ‘ageing’ fish, the challenge of allergies and intolerances, ethics and environmental responsibility, and the renaissance of culinary identities. Many contributions from other countries taking part in the congress will feature, too. This year’s invited cities will be Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cape Town and Tokyo.


Our birthday will also hold a sweet surprise: Madrid International Pastry, M*I*P, will land at Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión to become a benchmark forum. The first international congress on pastry-making, breadmaking and chocolate-making to be held in Spain, it will offer talks, round-table discussions, presentations, and live demonstrations.
From the world of breadmaking, L’École Lenôtre from Paris and L’École Richemont from Lucerne will offer a number of different workshops, and Nathan Myhrvold (Seattle) will present his book Modernist Bread, the encyclopedia on bread that professionals and aficionados alike all want to get their hands on. Jorge Pastor (President of the International Richemont Club), Beatriz Echeverría (El horno de Babette), Jordi Gallés (Chairman at Europastry), and Daniel Ramos (La Cremita, Chiclana) will also be at M*I*P.

Chocolate will be a protagonist of great master confectioners such as Jordi Butrón, Oriol Balaguer, Daniel Álvarez (Dalúa), Rafael Delgado (Hermanos Torres), the young and popular French pâtissier Nina Métayer, and Damián Allsop (Casa Cacao).

Pastry chefs will include Miquel Guarro (Hofmann Culinary School), Paco Torreblanca, Pol Contreras (El Portal de Echaurren), and the ‘chilly chef’ Fernando Sáenz who, in recent years, has revolutionised the world of ice cream.

The range of activities covered by Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2020 will entail the sector’s most eagerly awaited accolades: Chef of the Year; the 18th Edition of the Upcoming Chef Award; and the 3rd Edition of the Upcoming Pastry-Chef Award.

In addition to these recognitions, there is a long list of competitions: the 6th Joselito Championship for the Best Ham Croquette; the 10th ‘Cheese Bites’ Competition; the 7th Signature Sandwich Competition; the 3rd Negrini Tapas Competition using Italian ingredients; the 16th National Tapas Competition; the 4th National Beer-Pulling; the Aula Makro-Choose your Assistant Chef Competition; the 2nd Carrasco Bread Challenge; the 3rd Share your Talent Competition; and the 5th Recipes with Cheese Competition.

Congress-goers at Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión will also be able to enjoy an array of activities in the various other spaces at IFEMA’s Pavilion 14.

The exhibition space will again be a place where participating companies will display their most innovative products and services to the sector.

At Enofusión, where wine will be the main protagonist, a packed programme of wine tastings will be offered, all the latest wine-related gadgets will be on display, and Top Wine Spain will present a selection of the best wines.

Visitors to Tasting Spain will have the chance to taste, get  to know, and experience the best of what many destinations
in our country have to offer.

And The Drinks Show will be back, offering an avant-garde liquid adventure for all the senses with talks, master classes and tastings given by the best bartenders and chefs on today’s local and international scene.