This morning, 28 January 2019, the Mayor of Madrid has inaugurated Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2019. According to José Carlos Capel, its President, the event this year is committed especially not only to haute cuisine but also to causes that are a concern for all of us: plastic in the seas, our carbon footprint, waste management, etc

January 28, 2019

Mayor Manuela Carmena welcomed the delegates to Madrid, a city of which she is proud, and she stated that she is also proud of the congress starting today. She is convinced that it is citizens’ ideas that build the personality of a city like the capital of Spain, which is much more than just the sum of its inhabitants.

She said she has a motto which is perfectly applicable to Madrid Fusión, “To initiatives, say yes.” And if this is a general rule, it is especially appropriate for gastronomy, which she compares to art and acknowledges that it affects the life of many people, not just for its economic value.

Proof of Madrid’s commitment to gastronomy, according to the Mayor, is the fact that all the tickets to the GastroFestival have already been sold. In addition, the city of Madrid is committed to meeting a difficult goal: it wants to create a great library of gastronomy. The city will thus become the first capital city in the world to have a specific library devoted to culinary arts and gastronomy. The project is under way and a site has already been assigned to it.