Saint Honoré, in partnership with Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión, has announced the six finalists for the Best Signature Sandwich in Spain Competition. A judging panel made up of experts chose the six best recipes from among the 60 ideas submitted.

December 15, 2018

To win the 6th Edition of the Best Signature Sandwich in Spain Competition, the six finalists will have to make their recipe, live and in the space of no more than one hour, on 28 January at Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión, using products from the Saint Honoré range: Media Espelta (Spelt Demi Baguette), Barra Delirium (Campagne Loaf), Redondo Summum Espelta y Centeno (Summum Round Bread), Sibarit, or Barra con Sarraceno Bío (Organic Buckwheat Loaf). Breads from the Saint Honoré range are the perfect base for creating high-end sandwiches with lots of personality.

The jury panel will be made up of local experts from the restaurant industry and experts on gastronomy who will evaluate: each individual item as well as paired with a wine; the combination of ingredients and their harmoniousness with the bread; and, lastly, presentation. With regard to the prizes, the winner will receive a cheque for €1,500, and the second and third-place finalists will each receive a €300 gift voucher.

Finalist Recipes:

  1. Layered pastrami smoked over vine cuttings, accompanied by scents of the forest By: Francisco Díaz Castro from the restaurant Cocinas del Mundo Inedit – Santa Perpetua de la Moguda (Barcelona)
  1. Marinated shoulder cut of acorn-fed Ibérico pork cooked at low temperature, with aged, Menorcan Mahón cheese and a Pedro Ximénez reduction By: Ricardo Casali from the restaurant Can Gourmet Ibiza – Ibiza (Balearic Islands)
  1. Sandwich filled with a homemade potato-crisp tortilla with pesto pisto By: Carmen Blanco Sanjurjo from the restaurant Taberna de Caaveiro – A Capela (A Coruña)
  1. Sandwich filled with smoked aubergine, anchovies and bone marrow By: Sergio Jiménez Gallardo from the restaurant Tundra Fusión Burger – Málaga (Málaga)
  1. Sandwich filled with cabbage trinxat, blanquet de Sedaví sausage and tartare sauce By: Irene Pons Talavera from the restaurant Súcar – Valencia (Valencia)
  1. Sandwich filled with green and white salmon with its crackling By: Guillermo Albizuri Achucarro from the restaurant Le Cordon Bleu Madrid – Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)