June 3, 2008

Chef Juan Pozuelo from the Entrefogones restaurant and the meat company, Raza Nostra, which since starting business in Madrid's Chamartín market has become a byword in Madrid for its excellent meat selection, have joined forces to give the often reviled hamburger a make over. Their creation is entitled Hamburguesa Nostra.

It offers a fresh chance to enjoy a completely different kind of hamburger prepared in accordance with exclusive recipes and using only meat of certified quality, in a craftsman like way and in full view of the public. Their launch catalogue offers 30 different hamburgers sorted into three categories:

Economic: priced at 1, 90 € each. These hamburgers are made from simple recipes, for example the Española, comprising cured ham and manchego cheese or the Argentina, with three different kinds of ground pepper. There are some surprises too, take for instance the India, made with various spices or the Pizza, made with ingredients such as oregano and mozzarella.

Classic: priced at 2, 50€ each. Recipes include the Cebolla, with sautéed onion; the Caprichosa with black pudding and peppers or the Mexicana, with beans and chilly.

Gourmet: priced at 3, 00€ each. For lovers of luxury; a hamburger made with truffle, foie, four cheeses… among others.