Begoña Rodrigo


October 25, 2018
Begoña Rodrigo   Consistency, elegance and a feel for seasonality are attributes that distinguish and give meaning to Begoña Rodrigo’s cuisine; one that is in contrast to the sensationalism of gastronomy without meaning that is all too often a success. Self-taught and enthusiastic about market product and the different ways to interpret it, she has – right from the start – displayed a distinctive tone that characterizes what she puts on the plate. Begoña is a model of authenticity at the service of a profession where women are ever more competitive, and she is on the way to becoming a true example of this.   Born in Valencia in 1975, she began working at her mother’s bread shop in the town of Xirivella, although she soon decided on her future path by studying Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. While she was studying, she took temporary jobs in restaurants. At the age of 21, and in love with cooking, she decided to live in Holland, joining the staff of the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel, where she became head of her station. Quoy Restaurant in the Dutch capital, the Karel V Hotel in Utrecht, which had a Michelin star, and the Aquarium in London – a private 2-starred club – where she worked for 6 years as head of her station, completed her experience abroad. Back in Valencia, she joined Vicente Torres’s team at La Sucursal, staying for 5 months and, at the end of 2005, decided to set up on her own in Valencia and opened La Salita.   In 2013, always open to new challenges, Begoña Rodrigo appeared on the programme Top Chef (on TV channel Antena 3), becoming the winner of the first edition whose judging panel was made up of culinary greats, such as Joan Roca, Martín Berasategui, Eneko Atxa, Quique Dacosta, Pedro Subijana, Juan Mari Arzak and Karlos Arguiñano, as well as the hosts of the reality show: Alberto Chicote, Susi Díaz and Ángel León.   Begoña Rodrigo is the author El Sabor de la Elegancia (The Taste of Elegance), an extraordinary testimony in words and photos of her inimitable style. Following on from the success of La Salita comes the culinary philosophy of Nómada by Begoña Rodrigo in Aldaia (Valencia), a transgressive and affordable tour of cuisines from around the world.   By Ana Mediavilla