INGREDIENTS (for 600 gr. of dough/18 small sponge cakes)

250 gr. of flour (type 45)
25 gr. of acacia honey
1 tea spoon of natural vanilla extract
4 gr. fleur de sel
25 gr. of fresh yeast
1/4 of ground lemon skin       
5 100 gr.eggs
melted cold butter


Put the flour, honey, vanilla, salt flower, flaked yeast and the ground lemon skin into a big sized bowl. Add the eggs one by one, work the dough with a wooden spoon until it comes unstuck from the walls of the bowl. Gradually add the cold melted butter. Keep working the dough until it comes completely unstuck from the bowl and acquires an elastic, shiny texture.  Cover with a damp cloth and leave to stand for 40 min. at room temperature. Fill ¾ of the pre-greased Savarin moulds with butter using a piping bag. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and allow it to grow until the edge of the mould. Bake in the oven at 170° C for 12 min. Allow to cool. Store in a hermetically sealed container in the freezer.


"To make the dough using a food processor, use the dough bowl and hook. Blend the sifted flour, salt, honey, vanilla, flaked fresh yeast and half of the eggs into a bowl. Whisk at medium speed until the dough becomes completely unstuck from the bowl. Add the remaining eggs, wait until the mixture becomes completely unstuck and add the melted butter. Quit stirring when the dough is completely unstuck from the sides of the bowl".