Vanilla ice cream:
13 Egg yolks
100 gr. Caster sugar
1 l. Full cream milk
2 Vanilla beans
100 gr. Glucose
300 ml. Cream
Corn soup:
50 gr. Butter, diced
20 ml. Grapeseed oil
50 gr. Onion, finely diced
500 gr. Corn kernels
400 ml. Mineral water
Sea salt, to taste
White pepper, to taste
40 pieces sea urchin roes


Vanilla ice cream:
Gently whisk the egg yolks, then add the caster sugar and continue whisking together until dissolved. Slowly bring the milk with vanilla beans to the boil. Remove from the heat and pour into the egg mixture, stirring constantly. Add the glucose, return to a low heat and stir until dissolved (the mixture should be slightly thickened and coat the back of a spoon). Remove from the heat and pass through a fine meshed sieve. Set aside to cool, then chill. When fully chilled, add the cream and churn in an ice-cream maker.
Freeze until ready to use.

Corn soup:
Melt the butter in a large skillet, add the grapeseed oil and, as soon as the butter starts bubbling, add the onion and sweat until soft and just translucent. Then add the corn kernels and stir together thoroughly. Pour in the mineral water and heat to 85-90ºC, but do not boil. Allow to cook for 2 minutes, then remove from the heat and place into an ice bath. When cold, remove half the liquid from the mixture, keeping the kernels in the remaining liquid and set aside. Blend the remaining mixture until smooth, pour through a fine meshed sieve, removing all husks. Set aside. Add the rest of the liquid to the pureed mixture and stir together to combine into thick consistency.


Serve the corn soup in 4 bowls. Arrange 10 sea urchin roes in the centre of the soup, and top with a generous spoonful of vanilla ice cream.