Cream of peas and mackerel, 405 gr.  

 60      gr. shallot

50      ml. oil

50      ml. vermouth

240    gr. mackerel infusion stock

240    gr. peas

½       gr. white pepper

Pea ice cream, 1 Kg.

405    ml. cream of peas

405     ml. milk

177     gr. cream

72      gr. powdered milk

137    gr. dextrose

30      gr. saccharose

12      gr. neutral

9        gr. salt

Mackerel and miso stock, 240  gr.

300   ml. water

35    gr. dried mackerel

4      gr. white miso paste


Salad granita, 160 gr.

100   ml. extra virgin oil

20     ml. cherry vinegar

200   ml. tomato water

50     gr. spring onion, char-grilled

50     gr. cucumber

50     gr. lettuce leaves

50     gr. assorted pickles

20     gr. pickle stock

4       gr. garlic, blanched

2       gr. parsley

2       gr. basil

Salt and pepper


Caviar of cream and salad:

50    ml. cream of peas

1     sheet gelatine

50   ml. salad water

2     sheets gelatine


Carpaccio of mackerel

500    gr. mackerel

4        gr. cloves garlic

4        gr. sweet pimentón

10      gr. extra virgin olive oil

1        gr. salt

Cold mineral water

Olive oil



 Caramelised almonds



Mackerel and miso stock: Place the dried mackerel in a bowl of warm water, cover with film and leave to infuse for a few minutes. Strain. Use a little of the stock to dissolve the miso, then add to the mackerel stock. Leave to stand then decant to remove any cloudiness.


Cream of peas and mackerel: Soften the shallot in the olive oil, add the vermouth and evaporate. Add the peas, stir then pour in the mackerel and miso stock. Blend and strain.


Pea ice cream:  Heat the milk, cream, powdered milk and dextrose to 40ºC (104ºF). Add the saccharose, neutral and salt and mix. Heat to 85ºC (185ºF). Cool to 4ºC (39ºF) and add the cold cream of peas, stir and chill for about 12 h. Transfer to the ice-cream maker.


Salad granita: Place all the ingredients in a vacuum pack. Remove the air several times to obtain all the juices from the vegetables. Squeeze out and chill for 24 h. Strain and freeze to remove any fat. Chill at 4-6ºC (39-43ºF).


Caviar of cream and salad: Heat a little of the cream of peas and dissolve the gelatine in it. Mix into the rest of the cream. Heat a little of the salad water and dissolve the gelatine in it. Mix into the rest of the water. Drip the cream and water drop by drop into a container holding liquid nitrogen. Strain and set aside in the freezer.


Carpaccio of mackerel: Remove the skin, bones and any dark parts from the mackerel. Form a paste with all the other ingredients and use to brush the mackerel. Cover with film and shape. Leave to cool. Cut very thin in an electric slicer. Form into circles, cover with film and set aside.



Arrange the vegetables and carpaccio of mackerel on three plates and cover with caramelised almonds. On the first plate, add the pea ice cream and a few drops of olive oil. On the second plate, add the salad granita and, on the third plate, the two caviars. Sprinkle with olive oil. Decorate to taste and accompany with salt fish crisps.