INGREDIENTS (to serve 1):
130 gr red mullet, gutted (250 gr before gutting)
20 gr cream of black rice
2 black kerchiefs
Edible gold

To cook the rice:

125 gr squilla mantis stock

30 gr Senia rice
2 sachets cuttlefish ink

For the cream of black rice:

30 gr squid, cut in small dice
20 gr peas
10 gr tomato concentrate
50 gr cooked rice
440 gr squilla mantis stock
10 gr alioli with ink
1 tbsp olive oil

For the black kerchief:

100 gr rice cooking liquid
10 gr potato starch

To cook the rice:
Bring the stock to the boil and add the rice (after first mixing in the cuttlefish ink). Cook for 6 minutes. Drain and cool quickly to stop from cooking any further. Set aside both the cooking liquid and the rice.
Cream of black rice:
Place a few drops of olive oil in a frying-pan and add the squid, followed by the peas and the tomato concentrate. Stir and add the cooked rice. Fry gently and add 220 gr hot stock. Cook until well cooked but still moist, then blend using a hand-held whisk. Bring to the right texture with the rest of the stock, forming a smooth, light cream. Finish with the alioli with ink, season with salt and strain through a fine strainer.
Black kerchiefs
: Heat the rice cooking water and add the potato starch. Cook until jelled, then transfer to a silicon sheet, top with another, then dry for 5 hours in a dehydrator. At the last minute, fry in warm oil, Option B: Another possibility is to use the rice cooking water without adding the potato starch. This will result in a flexible, mouldable kerchief that can be made crisp by frying in hot oil.

Remove the backbone from the fish and char-grill, skin side down. Paint a strip of gold on the plate and top with the hot cream of black rice. Arrange the red mullet on the cream and finish with the rice kerchiefs.