INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)

Seaweed dressing: 
10 soaked seaweed leaves (wakame, kombu and sea lettuce)
1 l. concentrated, gelatinous fish stock
1 l. water
0.5 gr. Xanthan gum (optional)
1 gr. salt
Cuttlefish ink alioli:
8  ml. cuttlefish ink
25 ml. mineral water
1 clove garlic, raw
3 cloves garlic, blanched (1 min.)
1 gr. salt
2 ml. lemon juice
70 ml.extra virgin olive oil (Picual)
10 ml. mineral water
1.3 gr. Xanthan gum
Matcha tea alioli:
6 cloves garlic
120 ml. extra virgin olive oil (Arbequina variety)
2 ml. lemon juice
1 gr.salt
1 egg yolk                                              
2 ml.Matcha tea
Others :                                
16 cuttlefish (Mediterranean sepia elegans)
2 small, young shallots or scallions
50 gr. wheat flour
125 ml. olive oil
1 gr. fleur de sel


Seaweed dressing:
Soak the seaweed, drain, set aside 2 sea lettuce leaves and cook the rest in the concentrated gelatinous fish stock for 40 min. Blend and thicken, if necessary, with xanthan gum.
Cuttlefish ink alioli:
Dilute the ink in water. In a blender, crush the garlic with the salt and lemon juice. Add the diluted ink and blend until smooth. Add half the oil very slowly while blending. Add the 10 ml. water gradually, then continue with the rest of the oil. Sprinkle in the xanthan, blending all the time.
Matcha tea alioli :
Cook the garlic very slowly in the oil and leave to cool. Remove and crush in a blender with the salt, lemon juice and egg yolk. Add the powdered Matcha tea, then gradually add the oil, blending all the time, to make the alioli.
Remove the plume from the cuttlefish. Leave 8 whole and clean the others. Cut half into small dice and the other half in julienne strips. Chop the shallot or scallion and fry gently in a little oil together with the cuttlefish brunoise. Dip the julienne strips of cuttlefish in flour and fry in the rest of the oil. Fry the two sea lettuce leaves.


Serve one spoonful of Matcha tea alioli and add a few drops of ink alioli.
Grill the whole cuttlefish very briefly and serve, with the fried strips of cuttlefish. Add the seaweed dressing and the fried onion with diced cuttlefish. Decorate with the fried sea lettuce leaves. Season with fleur de sel.