Apple compote with Green apple liqueur

400 gr Granny Smith apples
60 gr sugar
20 gr water
20 gr green apple liqueur

Caramelised apples

400 gr Royal apples cut into large cubes
140 gr sugar
500 gr cider

Granny Smith apple mousse

300 gr Granny Smith apples
5 mint leaves
3 gr ascorbic acid
20 gr dehydrated egg white
50 gr sugar

Granny Smith apple sorbet

200 gr still mineral water
90 gr sugar
75 gr powdered glucose
2 gr stabiliser for sorbets

400 gr Granny Smith apple purée
10 gr lemon juice
2 gr ascorbic acid

Granny Smith apple glaze

500 gr Granny Smith apple purée
40 gr sugar
25 gr pectin NH
2 gr ascorbic acid
“Green apple” colouring
Powdered gold
2 gold sheets

Reconstructed Sablé Breton base

70 gr butter
60 gr sugar
90 gr flour
6 gr baking powder
30 gr egg yolks
4 gr table salt
40 gr powdered cocoa butter (for after the sable dough is cooked)

Apple compote: Peel the apples and cut into small dice. Mix with the other ingredients and cook sous-vide for 40 minutes. Place in the steam oven at 70%.
Caramelised apples: Make a dry caramel and add the apple cubes. Caramelise, then deglaze with the cider. Bake at 140ºC for 50 minutes. They should have a melting texture.