INGREDIENTS (to serve 8 portions)

Mali Syrup:
135 gr. palm sugar
226 gr. water
10 gr. mali concentrate Pinch of salt
The Jewels:
225 gr. diced and peeled waterchestnuts (1/4 ")
140 gr. tapioca flour (erawan brand)
20 g pandan concentrate (Koepoe-Koepoe Brand)
80 gr. red sala syrup salted boiling water to cover
Coconut Soup Base:
80 gr. sugar, 630 gr. coconut milk
20 gr. mali concentrate
1 vanilla bean
1/2 teaspoon salt. Crushed
Coconut Ice:
700 gr. frozen young coconut juice
225 gr. palm seeds, drained, rinsed and quartered
225 gr. jackfruit, drained, rinsed and julienned
180 gr. red papaya, diced 1/4"
112 gr. passionfruit juice with seeds
Green thai jewels, drained
Red thai jewels, drained


Mali Syrup
Bring all ingredients to heat and cook until sugar is melted. Set aside to chill. The Jewels: Peel and soak waterchestnuts in cold water, drain them out and dice into 1/4" pieces. Divide diced waterchestnuts into 2 bowls; marinate half of them in red sala syrup, the other in pandan and toss to coat well. Let sit for at least 10 minutes. Drain out the red waterchestnuts, reserving the marinate and toss with half of the tapioca flour. Shake off excess flour in a sieve and cook them in salted boiling water, stirring constantly. The jewels float when cooked. Drain them out in colander and cool them in ice-bath; return the red jewels to the sala marinate. Repeat the same procedure with the pandan marinated waterchestnuts. Once cooled, add about 4 T of previously made Mali Syrup to each batch of colored jewels, just enough to prevent them from sticking. Best used same day. Coconut soup base: Bring sugar, salt, coconut milk, and split vanilla bean to a simmer. Set aside to cool down and refrigerate until ready to use. Crushed coconut ice: Unmold frozen coconut water in a plastic or pastry bag. Crush with a heavy wooden stick, until fine crushed ice. Remove the coconut meat that is in the can and julienne into thin strips.


Toss together all ingredients in a bowl. For each serving, spoon about 1/2 C of crushed coconut ice into a chilled glass bowl. Top the ice with 1/2 C of the jewels and fruit mixture and add enough coconut soup base to cover, about 1/2 C. Serve with a spoon.