Heart, liver and lights purée

1 litre olive oil
200 gr raisins
1 kg onion
1 fresh bay leaf
4 cloves
0.02 cinnamon stick
1 gr cinnamon
2 gr cardamom
2 gr thyme from Provence
20 gr orange (pith)
0.5 gr cumin
3 gr ground black pepper
2 cayenne peppers
0.2 vanilla pod
4 offal sets (heart, liver and lights)
100 gr light wheat flour
75 gr pimentón
750 ml white wine
250 ml dry sherry
15 gr garlic and parsley, crushed
100 gr 70% chocolate couverture
1 litre water
25 ml. sesame oil
100 powdered chicken stock
2 gr table salt


50 ml olive oil
200 gr fresh walnuts
200 gr Marcona almonds
100 gr brown sugar

Final dressing and other ingredients

100 ml olive oil
1 gr table salt
0.5 crusty loaf of bread
0.1 gr sesame seed
1 fresh egg
50 quail eggs

Heart, liver and lights
: Soak the offal in salted water for 12 hours. Wash well and chop finely. (The easiest way to chop the lights is to first slice them then freeze them).
Chop the onions very finely. Chop the raisins. Prepare the spices, except for the bay leaf, chopping them finely or crushing them in a mortar. The idea is that they should be visible in the final dish. Chop the chocolate into small pieces. 
Place the oil and raisins in a pan and sauté. Add the onion and spices and 5o gr water to be sure that the mixture does not burn. When soft, add the lights. After 10 minutes, add the chopped liver and fry everything together well. Add the flour and pimentón and fry. Add the white wine and sherry and reduce. Add 1 litre water and, finally, the crushed garlic and parsley. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Add the chopped chocolate.
Add the nuts sautéed with the brown sugar. Add the chicken stock and cook for a further 10 minutes. Remove the bay leaf. Blend everything in the robot and strain. Season with the sesame oil and salt. The dish can be stored in vacuum packs.

Roughly chop the nuts and sauté with the oil in a frying-pan until lightly toasted. Add the brown sugar and melt. Add to the dish as stated above.
Final dressing and other ingredients:
Cut very thin slices of bread and lay on a silpat. Brush with a mixture of egg, salt and sesame oil. Sprinkle with a few sesame seeds and bake at 140ºC for about 5 minutes. Separate the yolks from the quail eggs and cover with olive oil until needed.
On a pre-heated plate, place some of the offal purée, and top with a quail egg yolk Cover with a slice of sesame toast.