Pork scratching biscuits

215 gr flour
50 gr sugar
15 gr salt
150 gr butter
200 gr pork scratchings

Pear sorbet

300 Garnier concentrated pear pulp
700 gr Sicoly pear pulp
60 gr lemon juice
40 gr Prosorbet
25 gr Wolfsberger pear extract

Tamarind pulp

1,500 gr water
400 gr Firstword tamarind paste

Tamarind agar agar

200 gr tamarind
50 gr water
50 gr molasses
2 gr agar agar
2 sheets gelatine

Pine nut praliné

500 gr pine nuts
150 gr icing sugar

Pear cake

2.5 gr Conference pear
75 gr icing sugar
7 gr agar agar
Beurre noisette

Powdered caraway


Wild pine nuts
Fennel shoots

Pork scratching biscuit:
Make a biscuit with all the ingredients. Bake at 170ºC for 15 minutes (until lightly browned). Break up into crumbs.
Pear sorbet:
Mix all the ingredients while cold. Leave to stand for a minimum of 4 hours, then transfer to an ice-cream maker. Transfer to a piping bag with a Matfer no.13 plastic nozzle.
Tamarind pulp:
Boil the water with the tamarind paste, making sure it does not stick,  and strain.
Tamarind agar agar:
Mix all the ingredients and pour onto a metal pan 23 x 31 cm. When set, cut into 11 x 5 cm rectangles.
Pine nut praliné:
Make a praline with the lightly toasted pine nuts and sugar. Transfer to a squeezer bottle with a 0.5 cm teat.
Pear cake:
In an aluminium pan, form successive layers of buerre noisette, the mixture of sugar + agar agar (use a small strainer to make a thin layer) and Conference pear in very thin slices, up to a height of about 4 cm.
Cover with foil and bake at 150ºC for 1 hour 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and place a light weight on top. Leave to cool. When cold, cut into slices 0.7 cm thick and 9 cm long.

Powdered caraway:
Grind the lightly toasted caraway seeds in a coffee mill and sieve.

In the centre of the plate, place a rectangle of agar agar. Top with 6 wild pine nuts, then top these with a line of pine nut praline from side to side. Heat the pear cake in the oven for 5 minutes at 200ºC and arrange a slice on top of the pine nut praliné.
Sprinkle the pork scratching biscuit crumbs over the top of the pear cake. Then add the pear sorbet using the Mafter no.13 nozzle. Finish by sprinkling with fennel shoots and powdered caraway.