For the pig snout:
pig snouts
some oil
some vinegar
some salt
1 onion
1 leek
1 carrot       
some cloves
some black pepper     
some fat salt pork ham
some diced onion
some chopped garlic
1 tea spoon of flour
some brandy                                              
some white wine
For the garlic sauce: 
500 gr. of potatoes
½ l. of water
100 cl. of milk
100 gr. of butter
7 cloves of garlic
150 gr. of butter and salt
For the coffee foam:
½ l. of milk
50 gr. of soluble ground coffee
2 table spoons of sugar
6 leaves of gelatine
For the coffee reduction:
½ l. of black coffee
50 gr. of sugar


For the pig snout:
Allow the snouts to stand in cold water for at least 6 h.
Wash everything with oil, vinegar and salt. Rinse thoroughly.  Put in a recipient with cold water and bring to the boil for 30 min. Dice and set aside. Boil the onion, leek, carrots, cloves, black pepper and salt for 1.5 h. using a pressure cooker. Gently fry the fat salt pork ham, diced onion and chopped garlic slightly.  Add the diced pig snouts and a tea spoon of flour. Wet with brandy and white wine and reduce. Add the pig snout juice and gently boil for 1 hour. After draining give the pig snouts a cylindrical shape using cling film, allow to cool and set aside in a cold store for 24 h. Cut a cube of pig snouts and brand it on a frying pan. Set aside.
For the garlic sauce:
Whiten the garlic in water; boil into milk and set aside. Mix the water, milk, butter and salt; boil the mixture with the potatoes and boiled garlic. When the potato is already cooked and the juice is reduced by half, drain thoroughly. Put the potatoes and garlic inside the food processor and keep adding the juice resulting from the boiling until the desired texture is obtained. Sprinkle with salt. 
For the coffee foam:
Heat the milk with the coffee and sugar. Dissolve the gelatine and leave to act; introduce the mixture through a siphon with one charge of air and allow to stand.
For the coffee foam:
Reduce the coffee and the sugar at a low temperature until a thick coffee concentrate is obtained.


Place the garlic sauce over a steep sided plate; on top of the garlic sauce, place the hot pig snouts, a thread of coffee around them and the coffee foam on one side. Decorate with some rocket leaves to refresh the diner's mouth when eating the pig snouts.