INGREDIENTS (to make 100 crisps)

700 gr cream of rice with onion and cod
25 gr powdered cod
25 gr dried, fried onion
Seed oil for frying
Powdered cod
50 gr cod skins Seed oil
Cream of rice with onion
150 gr Bahía rice
100 gr conger eel stock
100 gr onion stock
100 gr cod stock
Conger eel stock
500 gr conger eel, trimmed
0.5 litre mineral water
175 gr olive oil
Onion stock
250 gr spring onion,chopped
250 gr spring onion, chopped and char-grilled
1 litre mineral water
200 gr oil
Cod stock
200 gr onion
30 gr dried choricero pepper
200 gr salt cod
1 litre water
500 gr chicken stock
75 gr olive oil
10 gr fried almonds
10 gr fried bread
5 gr roast garlic cloves
0.5 gr saffron
Choricero pepper flesh (cooked in the stock)


Powdered cod: Scrape the cod skins with a knife until clean. Pat dry with paper then dehydrate for 24 hours. Fry the next day in plenty of seed oil until crisp. Crush, then sieve and set aside in an airtight container.
Conger eel stock: Clean and cut 160 gr of conger eel into slices, then brown in a frying-pan with 60 gr of oil. Deglaze with 100 gr water, then transfer to a pan (this operation should be done three times), and add the rest of the water. Cook for 30 minutes and leave to stand for 3 hours. Strain through a fine strainer, remove any fat and set aside.
Onion stock: Brown the onion in a frying-pan, then add the char-grilled onion, salt and water. Cook over a medium heat until reduced to half. Leave to stand for 3 hours, strain and set aside.
Cod stock: Cook the chopped onion in a pressure cooker with the pepper, cod, water, chicken stock and oil. Close the pan and leave closed for 10 minutes. In a mortar, crush the almonds with the bread, garlic, saffron and drained choricero pepper flesh. Add this mixture and cook with the pan open for 15 minutes. Leave to stand, drain and strain.
Cream of rice with onion: Mix the three stocks and bring to the boil. Add the rice and cook until the grains open. Leave to stand, blend and strain.


Transfer the cream of rice to a forcing bag with a small nozzle and squeeze out strips 25 cm long onto a silpat. Sprinkle with the powdered cod and the fried onion (first crushed and sieved), dry at 35ºC for 8 hours and set aside in an airtight container. At the last minute, fry in plenty of seed oil at 180ºC and shape to taste. Serve in cocktail glasses as a snack or to accompany fish.