110 gr. veal sirloin
10 gr. capers
10 gr. pickled gherkins
5 gr. onion
Mustard mayonnaise
Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper

Mustard ice cream:                         
½ l. cream
100 gr. egg yolk
2 gr. salt
50 gr. old-fashioned mustard
3 sheets gelatine

500 gr. butter
Pimentón de La Vera
Sichuan pepper
Chives, chopped

Souffléed bread rolls:                      
250 gr. strong flour
250 gr. soft flour
10 gr. pressed yeast
Cold water
Flavoured butters

Lemon and caper jam:                     
100 gr. lemons
100 gr. sugar
50 gr. capers

Spicy tomato compote:                    
300 gr. tomato purée
40 gr. sugar
20 ml. vinegar
1 gr. paprika
tabasco, salt and Worcestershire sauce

Oloroso and sherry vinegar raisins:
200 ml. aged sherry vinegar
1.5 gr. calcic (calcium salt)
2 gr. xanthan
½ l. water
8 gr. alginate

Foyot sauce:                                     
200 gr. clarified butter
100 gr. egg yolk
20 gr. reduced sherry and tarragon vinegar
10 gr. reduced veal stock
200 ml. Oloroso sherry


Tartare: Finely chop the veal and mix with the other ingredients. Season and set aside.
Mustard ice cream: Boil the cream, add half the egg yolks, stirring all the time, pour this mixture onto the remaining cream and heat to 85ºC. Dissolve the softened gelatine in the mixture and add the salt and mustard. Leave to cool down. Transfer to a squeezer bottle and squeeze out drops into a container of liquid nitrogen, strain and transfer to an airtight container. Place in the freezer at -18ºC.
Butters: Soften the butter and divide into 4 portions. Flavour each portion with one of the spices. Transfer to small piping bags.
Souffléed bread rolls: Mix the two types of flour and make a well in the centre. Dilute the yeast in about 200 ml. of water, then add to the flour, mix in and knead, adding extra water or flour as needed. Flatten the dough and leave to stand for 6 hours. Roll out in the pasta machine as thinly as possible. Cut small 10 mm. rings and bake at 250ºC until they swell and turn golden-brown. Fill the "balls" of bread with the different types of butter using the piping bags.
Lemon and caper jam: Cut the lemon into dice and cook with the sugar and chopped capers until the consistency of jam.
Spicy tomato compote: Make a dry caramel with the sugar. When golden, add the vinegar to stop it cooking, then add the tomato purée and season with the remaining ingredients. Reduce until the texture of a compote.
Sherry vinegar and Oloroso raisins: In the robot, mix the water and alginate and set aside. Also in the robot, mix the vinegar with the calcic and xanthan. Transfer to a vacuum pack. Drop spoonfuls of this preparation into the alginate mixture and leave submerged for a few minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and bury in a bowl of sugar. Leave buried for about 3 hours. Repeat the process using Oloroso.
Foyot sauce: Place the egg yolk in a bowl at room temperature. Pour into it a thin stream of clarified butter, stirring all the time. When smooth, add the vinegar and the veal stock.


Shape the tartare into a rectangle and arrange in the centre of the plate. Top with frozen drops of mustard ice cream and add, in the following order, the Foyot sauce, a souffléed bread roll filled with chive butter, lemon and caper jam, a bread roll filled with Sichuan pepper butter, spicy tomato compote, a bread roll filled with turmeric butter, a bread roll filled with Pimentón de La Vera butter and, at either end, an Oloroso and a sherry vinegar raisin. Finish with a few mustard leaves.