Drinks, Madrid Fusión's great commitment to liquid gastronomy


The three afternoons of the congress will be devoted to exploring the liquid universes of El Celler de Can Roca, Disfrutar, Sips Barcelona, Angelita, Moonlight (e)xperimental Bar, Humo and Paradiso.

Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España has one more surprise in store for this exciting edition, which opens on Monday 29 January. The gastronomic summit is growing with the addition of a new stage, Madrid Fusión Drinks, dedicated to the world of spirits, distillates and all types of drinks, with high-level presentations from the main players in this booming sector. This experience of liquid gastronomy will have its own space in the Congress during the afternoons of the three vibrant days of this international gastronomy event. 

Furthermore, on Wednesday, a new award related to this world of drinks will be announced: the Bartender Revelation Award 2024, which joins the Revelation Chef, Revelation Pastry Chef and Revelation Room Awards. With this award, Madrid Fusión completes a poker of awards for young professionals in different disciplines related to the gastronomy sector.

Madrid Fusión Drinks is a firm commitment to this link in the gastronomic experience that, in its first session, will feature Marc Álvarez, co-owner of Sips Barcelona, considered the best bar in the world in the list of The World's 50 Best Bars 2023, in Barcelona. Simone Caporale and Marc Álvarez's project in Barcelona's Eixample is an experience full of technology, creativity and no barriers between the service and the customer.

Marc will be on stage to give his presentation 'The yin and yang of creativity. Two concepts linked by the same DNA'. The talk is based on how the same creative system can be applied to two completely different spaces. Then Oriol Castro, chef at Disfrutar*** (Barcelona), will talk about the evolution of the liquid part of the cuisine at this restaurant, which he runs with Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas, and which is ranked second in The World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2023 and first in Europe.

Distilling the landscape

Bernat Guixer, chef at Esperit Roca, will present 'The liquid cuisine of El Celler de Can Roca'. Inspired by the landscapes that have captivated the brothers Joan, Josep and Jordi, Esperit Roca was born from the desire to contribute their vision of the landscape, distilling it and offering it a new liquid perspective. They propose a range of products that includes distillates, liqueurs, liqueur wines and beers to offer a unique gastronomic experience. 

On Tuesday 30th, Mario Villalón and Massimiliano Berardi from Angelita (Madrid) will be showing their way of understanding drinks in this capital city establishment under the title 'Angelita: living drinks'. Vegetable garden, wine and cocktail are the three concepts that define their cocktail bar. A bold and revolutionary proposal from the creative team led by Villalón, who work in a bar without tools or waste. At Angelita they work without conventional instruments, we find ourselves in a cocktail bar without shaker, without mixing glass and even without ice, inspired by baking and cooking techniques. The ingredients for the entire menu come from their own garden in Zamora and all the garnishes are edible and made from other by-products left over from the preparation of the cocktails. This ensures that there is no waste.

A commitment to non-conformity

One of the highlights of Madrid Fusión Drinks will come from Moonlight (e)xperimental Bar and its co-owner, rapper and composer Kase.O, together with his bartender Borja Insa and the chef who advises on the solid part of the space, Cristian Palacio. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and not rushing' is the suggestive title of this presentation. They talk about the importance of the a priori secondary if you want to create a truly complete experience. Music, aromas, temperature, lighting and many other factors affect the sense of taste, not just the cocktail. This search for excellence in every detail makes the involvement of Kase.O (acoustics and music selection) and Cristian Palacio (cuisine) in Borja Insa's Moonlight (e)xperimental Bar project a commitment to overcoming and non-conformity. 

No less stimulating will be the presentation by Mexican chef Roberto Ruiz - 'Spiciness:  from pre-Hispanic soil to Iberian fire' - together with 'master of spirits' Javier Pulido and Wilmer Yajamin, an expert in the world of agave. Ruiz will explain how the ancestral techniques of tatemado are blended with Javier Pulido's distillation of European spirits to create a unique fusion of flavours. Finally, the creators of Humo Licor will present this chipotle chilli liqueur, which is the essence of both worlds, combining Mexican tradition with the most prestigious Spanish botanicals. A presentation to discover how this spice has travelled through time to become an expression of the rich fusion of two culinary cultures. 

On Wednesday, Giacomo Giannotti from Paradiso will give us the final touch - 'The creative process of Paradiso Barcelona' - with a presentation on how to create a cocktail and a menu from idea to reality. From team brainstorming, to developing innovative techniques, to different prototypes, until we reach our goal. For five years running, Paradiso has been one of the best bars in The World's Best Bar.

Finally, researchers Diego Prado and Esther Merino with their presentation 'Beyond the glass: Drink and food on the same level'. Research and development of food and drink through scientific methodology applied to gastronomy. Unusual" ingredients such as insects, animal waste or wild plants, combined with techniques such as fermentation or vacuum distillation, among others. A tandem in which food and drink are visualised on the same level of importance and care.







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