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Hisato Hamada

Chef at Wagyumafia (Tokyo, Japan)

Widely acclaimed in Japan, with many followers, Hisato Hamada fell in love with wagyu meat, and has built an empire of restaurants and consultancy work around it.

Hisato Hamada discovered wagyu when he was working as a film distributor. He fell for it, and has made this kind of meat his very life. Anxious to demonstrate the art of wagyu to the world, in 2012 Hamado began by exporting it, and then, with gastronomic applications, he began to work on it himself alongside his old chef friend Takafumi Horie. They began with pop-up outlets, reaped success, and finally turned their idea into a restaurant: Wagyumafia.

The brand has now reached over 85 cities in 15 countries, working on their innovative culinary experiences with leading chefs such as Yoshihiro Narisawa or Albert Adrià. Wagyumafia boasts three brands: Wagyumafia, Mashi No Mashi and Yakinikumafia, with twelve restaurants in Tokyo, and three in Hong Kong.

Hisato Hamada