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Artur Martínez

Chef at Aürt* (Barcelona, Spain)

This Catalan chef's cooking is simple, almost austere, with a small structure and extraordinary but cheap products.

Artur Martínez began his gastronomic adventure in Terrassa (Barcelona) with Capritx, a modest restaurant which had no dishwasher, no deep-fat fryer and no Salamander stove, but it earned a Michelin star all the same. 

The austere cookery developed until he moved to Barcelona to open his current restaurant Aürt in the lobby of the Hilton Diagonal Mar. A restaurant which maintains the essence of Capritx, with direct interaction between the diner and the chef. 

He has won several awards along the way (Catalonia's 13th Young Chefs Competition, Young Entrepreneurs, the Escola Joviat Professional Career Award), and has also published a book on the cuisine of the Vallès Occidental region.

Artur Martínez