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Carles Mampel

Pastry consultant (Barcelona, Spain)

Carles Mampel Juncosa is a Catalan pastry, chocolate and ice cream chef.

He hails from Sabadell, where he started out learning his trade at several leading confectionery outlets in Spain, France, Belgium and Holland, until he set up the Saint Honoré confectionery business in Barcelona in 1990. Mampel has acted as instructor and technical advisor to companies such as Solegraells or Sosa, and was founding partner, owner and director of the famous confectionery outlet Bubó. Among other awards, Mampel has been Spain's Best Master Cakemaker 1999, Euroamerican Cakemaking Champion (Madrid, 2000), runner-up in World of Cakemaking (Rimini, 2004) and Artisan Maestro of the Year (Barcelona, 2014).

Carles Mampel