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Jordi Butrón y Ricard Martínez

Director and head of R+D at Espai Sucre (Barcelona, Spain)

"Alma mater” of Espai Sucre, in the year 2000 Jordi Butrón opened the world's first dessert restaurant and the first school offering specific training in restaurant cakemaking.

His professional career began at the Escribà cake establishment in Barcelona, but it was in France, when he worked at the Crillon in Paris, that he learned about discipline, order, cleanliness and technique. Gagnaire motivated him towards research, and Jean-Luc Figueras gave him the confidence he needed to forge his own path. He also worked with Michel Bras and Ferran Adrià before he set up Espai Sucre.

Ricard Martínez is an essential component of the Espai Sucre team as its studies coordinator and head of R+D. He has also worked with leading names such as Ramón Freixa, El Racó de Can Fabes, Dani García and Mauro Uliassi, among others.

Jordi Butrón y Ricard Martínez