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Anna Bellsolà

Baker at Baluard Barceloneta (Barcelona, Spain)

Anna Bellsolà forms part of the fourth generation of the Bellsolà baking dynasty in Girona, but her story played out in Barcelona.

She opened Baluard, an artisan bread-making outlet, in La Barceloneta in July 2007, and this is now one of the city's leading bakeries. She has won awards for Baluard on several occasions; most recently, last year as Barcelona's Best Artisan Business. Baluard Barceloneta now has several artisan shops, each kneading, shaping and baking bread. Bellsolà has also written two books: “Pan en casa, del horno al corazón” (Océano Ambar, 2010), and “Pan Baluard Barceloneta, historias y recetas de un horno emblemático” (Roca Editorial, 2019).

Anna Bellsolà