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Fernando Sáenz

Ice cream maker, DellaSera (Logroño, Spain)

Sáez is quite an institution, and acts as ice cream advisor to a large number of restaurants in the country.

Along with his wife Angelines González, Fernando Sáenz owns and manages Obrador Grate and the DellaSera ice cream outlet in Logroño, visited by thousands of ice cream pilgrims every day. In his 20 years as master ice cream maker, Sáenz has revolutionised ice cream as gastronomic produce, and has won a number of awards for it (among others, the National Gastronomy Prize as 2016's Best Pastry Chef). He created the “Conversaciones Heladas” encounter, a gastronomy thinking forum which has been held since 2012, and lectured on ice cream at Carpigiani Gelato University (Bologna) for six years. 

Fernando Sáenz