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Paco y Jacob Torreblanca

Cakemakers at Pastelería Torreblanca (Petrer, Alicante, Spain)

The pastry tradition passed down from father to son.

Paco Torreblanca is a genuine cakemaking institution. He started off in the business with Mr. Millet, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, and in the Fine Arts School. After completing his studies, he returned to Spain and set up his first business in Elda (Totel) in 1979, and began to make a name for himself. The rest is history: Spain's Best Master Cakemaker (1988), Best European Cakemaker (1990), International Gastronomy Award for Best Pâtissier Chef (2020) ... Torreblanca has also commentated on cakemaking in books (among which, Best World Desserts Book 2003 – Paco Torreblanca's work), and through his International School of Pastry. He made the wedding cake for the Prince and Princess of Asturias.

Spain's Best Master Cakemaker 2003 and manager with his family of the pastry outlet of the same name in Petrer, Jacob Torreblanca (Elda, 1981) is the son and loyal ally of master cakemaker Paco Torreblanca, from whom he has inherited dexterity and delicateness. Jacob forms part of the teaching team at the Torreblanca School. Among other achievements, Jacob won the 2010 Best Cakemaker Award from the Valencia Gastronomy Academy, and was also declared Spain's Best Artisan Cakemaker 2003 by the Royal Spanish Gastronomy Academy.

Paco y Jacob Torreblanca