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Ricardo y Puy Vélez

Chocolatemakers at Moulin Chocolat (Madrid, Spain)

He went to Mindanao Chocolat to learn the trade, and consolidated it as pastrymaker at the Lhardy restaurant and the Mallorca cakeshop chain. Ricardo Vélez (Madrid, 1978) started off in the world of chocolate at the Valrhona École du Gran Chocolat (France), and made a career out of it by opening Moulin Chocolat in 2006. Alongside his sister Puy, Moulin Chocolat has become Madrid's ten commandments of sweetness. The Vélezs also run The Pâtissier and Maison Glacée, where they have retrieved the art of wafer vendors. Vélez won the Prix au Chef Pâtissier awards in 2017.

Ricardo y Puy Vélez