Madrid Fusión



Ksenia Amber

Chef at Buro201 Restaurant Group (Odesa, Ukraine)

The last talk at Madrid Fusión will bear the stamp of Ksenia Amber, one of the greatest Ukrainian culinary exponents. A chef with restaurants in Odessa from where she is revolutionizing the country's cuisine.

Ksenia Amber occupies one of the leading positions of a wave of young chefs in Ukraine who are striving to introduce innovations and rethink traditions in the culinary arts of the country in general and Odessa in particular. Although he studied at the Culinary Institute of America, he soon returned to his homeland to run the kitchens of the Frebule restaurant in Odessa. After passing through other places, now he works as executive chef of the Buro201 restaurant group in Odessa itself.

Ksenia has a broad perspective, which contributes to the ability to use the best of cuisines from different countries, always relying on quality local products with the logic of zero waste. She grows herbs and vegetables, and in spring-summer she can often be seen in the area's fields and groves collecting wild flora, which she then uses to add new and unexpected flavors to her dishes. Innovate miss so that the local cuisine will not. Now more than ever.

Ksenia Amber