Madrid Fusión


Upcoming Chef Award 2022

Created in 2003, this year sees the 19th Revelation Chef Award.

The Madrid Fusión Revelation Chef Award homes in on the daring and capacity of young talent at recently opened restaurants, as a window looking out on the future of the profession. 

Many of today's great names in Spanish gastronomy won this award, such as Dabiz Muñoz, Ricard Camarena, Rodrigo de la Calle and Óscar Calleja. The restaurants of most of these prizewinners now have Michelin stars. This shows the intuitive nature of the award, with a jury panel of more than 80 national gastronomy critics headed up by journalist and president of Madrid Fusión, José Carlos Capel.

The following are the candidates for ‘Revelation Chef’ at Madrid Fusión 2022:

Carlos Hernández del Río. Restaurante ConSentido (Salamanca).

Xosé Magalhaes and Lydia del Olmo. Restaurante Ceibe (Ourense).

Juan Viu. Restaurante Viu and Bar Barrunto (Barbate, Cádiz).

Alex Paz and Olga García. Restaurante Fuentelgato (Huerta del Marquesado, Cuenca).

Pedro Aguilera. Restaurante Mesón Sabor Andaluz (Alcalá del Valle, Cádiz).

Elisabet Nolla. Restaurante Normal (Girona).

Paco Villar and Sole Torres. Restaurante Terra Olea (Córdoba).

Adrián San Julián. Restaurante Yume Gastro (Avilés, Asturias).