‘I imagine that my last talk will be this one at Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2019’

January 29, 2019

That is how Dani García, who will close his restaurant on 22 October 2019, began his talk on the second day of Tasting Spain. The decision, he said, facing the attendees in the auditorium, does not lie in a lack of profitability. It is a dream. ‘We are not haute cuisine, we are cooks.’

‘There is another way to cook, in places where the bill comes to fifty Euros. The idea is to take this other way of cooking around the world.’

Dani Garcia came to the auditorium together with his mother – who has now got used to the idea, although at first she was her son’s biggest critic with regard to this decision. Over time, she has understood her son’s personal, life decision to free himself from the pressure imposed by what is called haute cuisine, ‘There is a life beyond the tiny world that is obsessed with Michelin stars.’

Dani is going to devote himself to other things. Not only cooking in his restaurants, but also on TV where he has just begun a new project.

Is this decision a betrayal of his homeland? he is asked by the public. ‘Perhaps, but this is a personal decision. We will keep going in Marbella, but I couldn’t sacrifice my dream for my hometown.’