The vegetables of Almeria were in the limelight at #REALEMF19 in the first “Cooking the gardens of Almeria” Competition, which is taking place in the year in which Almeria is the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy.    

January 30, 2019

Almería 2019 Spanish Capital of Gastronomy together with Reale Seguros Madrid Fusion have this year convened the first edition of the “Cooking the Gardens of Almeria” Competition, which aims to showcase the quality of the fruit and vegetables from Almeria, one of the star ingredients of its cuisine and an essential food in the diet of millions of European citizens.

In their recipes, the participants had to select one or several products from the gardens of Almeria, amongst them tomato, pepper, aubergine, courgette, beans and cucumber.

The winning recipe was “Anatomy of a bean with ‘burnt’ broth”, by chef Fernando Polls from Lalustra restaurant (Huércal de Almería). Polls’ concept was to reach the essence of the Almerian gardens by “taking apart a bean, using all its parts, even the flower, to create a cold, very herbaceous and delicate aperitif”.

The jury considered not only how the produce was used but also the creativity and skill involved in preparing the dish. The idea was that the perfect balance should be achieved between the flavour of the vegetables in a dish that was both visually attractive and refreshing.

The prize for the winner of the first “Cooking the gardens of Almeria” competition was a gastronomic weekend in one of the cities, at his or her own choice, that had previously been Spanish Capital of Gastronomy.


Almería, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2019

This is going to be Almeria’s year. Many gastronomy-related activities are to be carried out during 2019 in this Andalusian city, and some of them were presented on the stage of the Multi-Purpose Hall at #REALEMF. Carolina Lafita, Councillor for promotion of the city and for trade in the Council of Almeria, and Fernando Huidobro, President of the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy, announced that the Academy’s award ceremonies will be held in Almeria in May, and that the ceremony appointing Ferran Adrià as its first honorary member will take place in February. The Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy wishes thus to pay tribute to one of the most influential chefs of all time who, though it is a little-known fact, has close ties with Almeria because not only did his family come from this part of Spain but he used to spend his holidays there.