Madrid Fusión

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Free Radicals, new wave of small low intervention producers

Federico Oldenburg invites the most rebellious producers in his "Radical Wines Salon" to talk about free, authentic wines.

Wine journalist and writer Federico Oldenburg, creator of "Salón de Vinos Radicales", will round off Madrid Fusión The Wine Edition 2022 with a talk on authentic wines from small wineries and exceptional wine-crafting. He will do this alongside his ‘last of the viticulture Mohicans’: Alfredo Arribas from Clos del Portal (Priorat), Josep María Pujol-Busquets from Alta Alella (Alella), Garikoitz Ríos from Itsasmendi (Bizkaiko Txakolina), Bertrand Soirdais from Antídoto (Ribera del Duero), and Alicia Videal from Pagos de Villavendimia (Castilla y León). An ‘inside-out’ wine-tasting session with different wines, natural, non-natural, small classic gems and some wines never tasted before, to demonstrate there are no hard and fast rules for the enjoyment of wine.