Madrid Fusión


Gula razonada

Frédéric Bau will be presenting his revolutionary "reasoned gluttony" concept, exploring the basics of new, healthy, sensible pastrymaking.

With a scientific, creative, methodical and imaginative approach, Frédéric Bau takes up new ingredients and new gastronomic processes to reformulate the grand classics of pastrymaking tradition (which he subjects to the "Gula Razonada" codes, adhering to the original combination of tastes, textures and sensations at all times), and also to bring in new creations with an innovative concept both in terms of the formulation and composition and also the processes and finishes.

Bau has carried out a rethink of the main pillars of desserts to make them gourmet items, but reasonable items too. It is not cakes without pleasure, but rather cakes with no excesses. Diametrically opposed to the current "non-" trend, Gula Razonada is a philosophy seeking excellence. There are no prohibitions, but there is a reasoned dosage of quantities. 

To this end, Bau and his  team have conducted an analysis of the nutritional contributions and the behaviour of ingredients, they have reflected on what each of them does in terms of the architecture of taste, pleasure and palatal emotions, homing in on the essential and shunning the superfluous. They have reduced the intake of sugars and fats, and have resorted to alternative, natural ingredients, some of which have never before been using in pastrymaking. Their work, creativity and method have minimised calories, but not the taste or the texture. The outcome now forms part of future cakemaking; healthier pastry with a greater commitment to environmental protection.